Naturally Healthy Skin

If you want to love the skin you’re in, Naturally Healthy Skin is the site for you!

Your skin is your largest organ and does a whole host of amazing things. It  battles the elements and environmental toxins, keeps you cool on hot days and warm on cold days, offers an incredible waterproofing system, and allows you to experience sensations both pleasurable and painful.

When something goes a little awry with the body it can lead to a variety of skin conditions.

At, we offer information about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a range of common (and not so common!) skin conditions, with the aim of helping you love the skin you’re in!

Poor skin health can have profound effects on emotional and physical well-being. Embarrassment about a skin condition might affect your relationships and professional life, for instance, as can pain, itchiness, and other symptoms of skin disorders.

Poor skin health can also make you more susceptible to the effects of toxic chemicals in your environment, as well as to infection by bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Despite these clear effects on health and happiness, skin rashes, dry skin, oily skin, blemishes, and other issues are too often overlooked or not deemed worthy of medical attention and care. Many people suffering from skin issues feel wary of seeking help and support, despite the significant association between skin disorders and mental health issues.

And, when people do seek help, the proposed solution is frequently pharmaceutical, with little or no effort made to address the real underlying issues at play.

This is why, for many individuals, a skin condition can cause lifelong worry, leading a person to take potentially harmful medications and spend money on expensive and unproven therapies.

Understanding how the skin works, accepting its importance in emotional and physical health, and nourishing the skin from the inside and the outside can work wonders to alleviate chronic and acute skin complaints.

This site is dedicated to providing credible information about skin health, including evidence-based solutions and top-tips to keep skin healthy. With a little know-how and love, you too can achieve naturally healthy skin and love the skin you’re in.