Nine Simple Facial Yoga Exercises

Facial-yoga-exercises-trumpeter-US-Air-Force-Aiman-1st-Class-Jessica-Pitts-trumpetFacial yoga may be the next big thing in beauty and fitness, but where do you start? To help you get to grips with yoga for your face, here are nine simple facial yoga exercises. Feel free to post photos of yourself during your daily facial yoga routine!

1. Shifty eyes – look directly to your left (as if trying to look at your temple, or ignore a creepy guy on transit) and hold for 10 seconds, building to 20 or more seconds if you can. Then repeat, but look to your right. This exercise tightens the ring of muscles around your eyes, which could help with crow’s feet and sagging skin under your eyes.

2. Surprise! – Without raising or wrinkling your brow, open your eyes wide as if surprised by the fact that women still only make 87 cents to a man’s $1 in Canada.

3. Angry face! – Clench all the muscles in your face, scrunching up your eyes, as if you’re ready to unleash hell on the patriarchy. Then…

4. Happy face! – Relax your jaw, let your tongue loll out like a happy dog, and raise your eyebrows in surprise at how young you’re looking these days.

5. Pout pout fish – purse your lips and suck in your cheeks, then try to smile and gain a new found respect for the ladies on the red carpet. This exercise helps tone the muscles in your cheeks and around your mouth.

6. Trumpet – Being a modern women means learning to blow your own trumpet. For this facial yoga exercise, puff out your cheeks and form a tight little raspberry mouth like Valaida Snow.

7. Tongue stretch – lower your jaw and stick your tongue out and down. Hold this position for 60 seconds. You should be able to feel your muscles working under your chin, which may help tighten up your wattle!

8. Baby bird eating salad – following on from the fun meme of women smiling while eating salad (which is an excellent source of nutrients for your skin), this exercise aims to help prevent flappy jowls from forming. Tip your head back, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then swallow. Repeat this with your head turned to the left, then to the right.

9. Blow them away – Finally, get ready to blow air kisses like never before. This is the perfect facial yoga exercise to prepare you for when your underqualified male boss is finally fired for harassment and you get to take his place and turn the office into the fun, safe, and productive place everyone’s been craving.

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