The Personality of People with Skin Disease

patient personalities and psoriasis

Women with atopic dermatitis are more ornery than those with psoriasis or their healthy counterparts, at least that is the conclusion of Japanese researchers who assessed the personality traits of patients with specific skin conditions.

Takahashi, et al (2013), used the Yatabe-Guilford Personality Inventory questionnaire, the researchers evaluated twelve dimensions of temperament and found that patients of both sexes (all patients were categorised as either male or female) with atopic dermatitis had much higher scores for depression, feelings of inferiority, nervousness and lack of objectivity than psoriasis patients.

Sex Differences in Skin Care

In this study, the women with AD had much higher scores for lack of cooperativeness than female patients with psoriasis, which could be helpful for dermatologists to know prior to consultations, perhaps. The male psoriasis patients had significantly different personality types compared to both AD patients and the healthy controls whereas female psoriasis patients did not differ significantly from the healthy controls, despite having quite different temperaments to female AD patients.

What this all amounts to is the idea that a variety of tailored interventions encompassing both dermatological and psychological therapies may be required to account for differences in skin condition and the sex of the patient.

Holistic Skin Care – Psychotherapy for Psoriasis

There is also mounting evidence that mood disorders and stress worsen psoriasis, meaning that patients may benefit from drugs that act on the serotonin transporter protein (SERT).

Using antidepressants for skin problems may sound strange but some therapists are already incorporating such protocols into dermatological practice, as well as considering psychiatric evaluation of all patients prior to prescribing long-term corticosteroid treatment.

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