About The Author

Leigh Matthews medical copywriterLeigh Matthews has more than ten years’ experience as a technical writer, specializing in medical, health, and wellness content. She has a Nutritional Therapy degree, an English and Philosophy degree, and a lifelong passion for learning.

Leigh is the author of Eat to Beat Acne: How a plant-based diet can help heal your skin. She has written and published four novels, is working on a fifth, and writes regularly for MyGeneFood.com and for Factors Group of Companies. She is also Head of Research at LeafScore.com, where she gets to nerd out about sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly household products.

Throughout her writing career, Leigh has focused on nutrition and lifestyle interventions as preventative medicine. In recent years, Leigh has pursued further education in the field of nutrigenomics/nutriepigenetics, toxicology, and sustainability, and has completed numerous Coursera courses including:

  • Chemicals and Health, from John Hopkins University
  • The Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management, from Lund University
  • Health Across the Gender Spectrum – from Stanford University

and, for fun,

In addition to writing for nutritional supplement companies, oncoplasty surgeons, naturopathic clinics, personal trainers and some corporate clients, Leigh is the founder of Naturally Healthy People and maintains a blog about veganism. With well honed skills in research, SEO, copywriting, and the use of social media, Leigh loves nothing more than to do a deep dive into complex medical and technical topics to produce pithy, accessible, informative copy for the lay reader.