Dry, Cracked Heels – Effective Home Remedies

dry, cracked heelsDry, cracked heels are a common complaint and can prove painful and embarrassing. This condition often gets worse during winter, and may be diagnosed as hyperkeratotic xerosis or hyperkeratosis with ichthyosis vulgaris.

While the latter condition is incurable, there are effective treatments to help manage symptoms. These include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and emollient and humectant moisturising creams to help reduce dryness and scaling for skin that looks healthier and feels happier. Continue reading

Rate My Sunscreen – Why the most expensive sunscreen isn’t always the best

best sunscreen consumer reportsIt’s that time of year again, where we frantically rummage in our bathroom cupboards for the sandy, goopy best sunscreen bottle of last summer or go to the store to stock up.

Whether your choice of sunscreen depends on whether it smells nice, goes on easily, is not too greasy, or is cruelty-free, be sure to check out the latest information from Consumer Reports. You might be surprised to see that some top-selling sunscreens simply don’t cut it when it comes to actually protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet light. Continue reading

Acne – Yeast Infection

malassezia yeast infection acne
Malassezia (Pityrosporum) folliculitis

Several skin complaints, including acne, are caused by a yeast infection, meaning that to cure acne you need to first resolve the overgrowth of yeast. One type of acne caused by a yeast infection is called pityrosporum folliculitis and is particularly prevalent in teenagers and in men.

Symptoms of pityrosporum folliculitis include chronic, itchy, red pustules on the back and chest, with some people also developing pustules on the neck, shoulders, upper arms and (rarely) the face. Continue reading

Got Warts? Try Zinc

human papilloma virus HPV warts and zincZinc is an essential mineral needed for the growth and repair of healthy skin. It plays a key role in immune function, is required for a whole host of enzymatic processes, and has even been found to help reduce diaper rash and acne. What’s more, getting enough zinc can help prevent warts! Continue reading

Acne Products and Serious, Life-Threatening Side Effects

acne product allergic reactions clean and clearPotentially fatal side-effects of acne medication made the news this week: According to a warning from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), anti-acne products sold by top-name brands can cause serious and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

Acne gels, lotions, cleansers, and similar products have been associated with hypersensitivity reactions that have landed some people in hospital with serious swelling and breathing difficulties. Continue reading