Eat Your Way to Healthier Skin!

Eat to Beat Acne!

How a plant-based diet can help heal your skin.

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New insights showing you how to get naturally healthy skin instantly, because the Big Secret to beating acne is that there is no Big Secret!

As a teenager, I was beleaguered with acne-riddled skin which, on top of my propensity for flushing bright red at the drop of a hat, meant that I was extremely self-conscious.

All through my teens and well into my twenties I tried all manner of noxious chemical ‘solutions’ but the more facial scrubs, washes, ointments and masks I put on my skin the worse it seemed to get. The irony was that the more of my meagre money I spent on these acne treatments the more stressed I became and the more breakouts I had.

The solution? I stopped stressing about it, quit using make-up to cover up my blotchy skin, and no longer spent money on things that promised the world and did nothing for me.

In short, I focused onĀ eating well, sleeping well, and getting regular exercise, and, guess what? My skin improved!

My story is far from unique, of course. Many people have seen amazing benefits after simply letting go of a lifelong fixation on achieving perfect blemish-free skin.

Now, of course, there are many causes of acne and many potential solutions, and I’m certainly not advocating that anyone just ‘give up’ on striving for healthy skin. All I’m saying is that there may be a better way that:

  • is FREE!
  • Has instant benefits!
  • Has positive side-effects!

Too many acne remedies have harmful side-effects and can lead to serious health concerns.

So, what’s the real secret to acne-free skin? The truth is, it’s not a secret at all. Eat well, sleep well, use natural and gentle products, relax, breathe and live with kindness and, chances are, your skin will start to reflect that state of inner calm.

But my life’s so stressful! How do I find time to relax and eat well and and and…?

Don’t fret. I made my changes during my busy final exams at university, and it was the best thing I could do for my overall health.

Whatever your daily stresses, take things slowly, treat yourself with kindness, and you’ll get there.

For less than the price of your latest ‘miracle’ acne cream, I show you some simple solutions to put you on the path to great looking skin.

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