Statins and Psoriasis – Cause or Cure?

statins for psoriasis
Do statins make psoriasis worse or offer a novel treatment?

Psoriasis sufferers have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, according to evidence from recent analyses of patient records. This has led some to consider using statins for psoriasis relief but is there any evidence of benefit? Indeed, do some statins makes psoriasis worse, or even trigger the skin condition? Continue reading

Vitamin D and Psoriasis – What’s the Connection?

sunlight and vitamin d and psoriasisEarlier this year a study was published that verified, for the first time, an upper, safe limit for vitamin D, but what if, like many in the northern hemisphere, you are deficient in this hormone-like vitamin? Could a vitamin D deficiency be a trigger for your psoriasis? Several studies published in the last year make the connection between a vitamin D deficiency and psoriasis severity so should you be supplementing, sunbathing, or is there a reason to avoid vitamin D for naturally healthy skin?

In this extended post we will be taking a look at:

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Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Skin

vitamins for skin health blueberries antioxidant skin care
Antioxidants such as vitamins and minerals in food can help you achieve naturally healthy skin.

Eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds can help provide vitamins and minerals for skin health but when it comes to beating acne, psoriasis, eczema and other common skin conditions there are some nutrients that are a little more important than others.

In some cases the emergence of a skin disorder can itself signify a deficiency in a particular vitamin vital for naturally healthy skin and when such symptoms arise it is often the case that health problems also exist internally. Continue reading

Psoriasis Risk Reduced by Exercise

Psoriasis may be reduced by vigorous physical activity, according to a new study carried out amongst nurses in the US. Working together, the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, studied data from more than 85,000 female nurses in the US who had enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study II.

This longitudinal study has amassed a huge amount of data on lifestyle habits, diseases, and conditions such as psoriasis and this latest article adds weight to increasing evidence of an association between physical activity and inflammatory disorders. Exercise could be a way to naturally healthy skin, at least when it comes to psoriasis. Continue reading