Are Lots of Orgasms the Secret to Healthy Skin?

orgasms and skin health
A post-orgasm bloom – can you fake it?

A little while ago Lady Gaga suggested that the secret to healthy skin was plenty of orgasms. While this raised chortles from some, others noted that there could be an element of truth in the flamboyant singer’s claim for a link between orgasms and skin health. How can good sex improve your skin? Does the effect last after the first bloom of love is over? And, is the effect the same across genders? Continue reading

Skin Damage, Personal Lubricant Dangers and STIs – Part Two

Personal lubricants safety

Osmolality and Skin Damage from Personal Lubricants

Osmolality appears to be a key factor in regards to the damaging effects of personal lubricants, with higher osmolalities associated with increased susceptibility to infection. As an example, K-Y Warming Jelly has an osmolality thirty times that of the body’s own lubricant and was found to increase transmission of herpes ninefold in the rodents tested compared to unlubricated controls. Continue reading

Skin Damage, Personal Lubricant Dangers and STIs – Part One

natural vegan lubricantsA whole raft of studies are calling into question the safety of personal lubricants in regards to skin cell damage and sexually transmitted infections, with some of the more well known lubricants performing particularly badly in safety experiments. The personal lubricant market is estimated at around $219 million in the US alone, but evidence is mounting that these sex aids actually promote disease transmission. Continue reading